The Little House

The Little House

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dyna and Sadee go to Mardi Gras... 2014 Gypsy Challenge.

The 2014 Treasure of the Gypsy Challenge at the Houston International Quilt Show does not have a gypsy theme this year.
The theme is Mardi Gras.
There are a couple of ways to go with this theme. I chose to go with Fun...

Here are Dyna and Sadee. They are proof that you can have fun at any age:

Green and Purple look great on them and they have wonderful hats...



Here they are at all angles:

They can stand on their own although Dyna is a little top heavy but since they have to travel so far we added some stability

 Earlier I made and stuffed their bodies and sewed their pants and shirts but put them away and decided to concentrate on the Native American doll. Then the night before the deadline they decided they wanted to go to Houston too - they didn't have hair, faces or accessories. I stayed up all night and several hours the next day but got them mailed on time. My husband was shocked and pleased the next morning to meet them and their personalities.

They are on their way to Houston...

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