The Little House

The Little House

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge

This year for the baby doll challenge I made four little babies from Judi Ward's "Tiny Baby Doll" pattern found here: I was planning to make Judi's "Dionne" quints dolls because my mother had a Dionne doll when she was a child but mislaid the pattern. When I realized I had very little time to finish I made the little dolls thinking they'd be quicker and although it didn't take as long to sew and stuff them after needle-sculpting the faces, hands, toes, knees and elbows of four dolls I'm not sure I saved any time. Their toes are really cute. And I needle-felted their hair with little tufts of angora from Travis's pygora goats.
I knew I had very little chance of votes but I had fun and wrote a little story about them...
The Rhubarb Kids - 
Rubee, Ruthee, Rudee and Rufus

This year I have had the busiest spring ever!! A month ago I went out to the greenhouse and what do you think I found? Four Rhubarb Babies!!! Right in the middle of our not-so-pretty rhubarb plant. I'm sure that you are like me and have always wanted to find garden babies but I'll bet no one has ever told you what a lot of work they are. They are so tiny and cute and adorable, but... I have been changing diapers, making teeny clothes, juicing rhubarb (that was a surprise), watching for cats, and so much more. So far the babies have stayed in the rhubarb but I had to make Rudee a hat the other day because he'd sunburned his face somehow. I'm sure this summer will be full of even more work and surprises. (Look up garden babies on the internet and you'll see just what I am going through). LOL

And, no we didn't place in the challenge but I had a lot of fun and have some really cute little dolls that are now living among the thread on the spool holder in the my sewing room.