The Little House

The Little House

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My 40th high school reunion is tomorrow!! I have helped with this reunion even though I live 1200 miles from home. Today's technology makes it so much easier...
I have spoken to many of my classmates on the phone during the last month and it has been wonderful - I went to school with good people. These conversations make it easier to miss the actual reunion - I've already re-uned... (not a word, I know).
I did make a doll that is going to attend. I still had my old pep club uniform in my cedar chest and even with lots of discouragement from friends I cut pieces out of the back of the vest and skirt and made my new doll, Nancy-Michelle-Christine, her own pep club uniform. She is already on her way to St. George via UPS. I didn't cut through the lining of the uniform so it still looks okay from the front....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emmeline in her Gypsy Costume

This is my 2010 Gypsy Challenge doll.
This year's theme is "The Magical Gypsy Carnival"
I decided to have her going to a Halloween Carnival because I always dressed as a gypsy on Halloween when I was in elementary just like my brother was always a hobo. This was in the days before you could go to the store and buy a Halloween costume and we wouldn't have had the money anyway. I would wear a long skirt, my grandma's beads, and a head scarf with canning rings sewn on for earrings.
I loved being a gypsy just like Emmeline does. She is named for my sweet granddaughter, Emily.