The Little House

The Little House

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilt top is finished - part 2

Here is a closer view of the quilt.

Here is a closeup of the fabric.

Last year's quilt. I really liked it. I hope that someone is enjoying it.

The Quilt Top is Finished

This has been a really rough week at our house.
My brother was lifeflighted to Salt Lake City from Cedar City with what they thought was a double aneurysm. It turned out to be bleeding in brain but from an old injury. He was just released from intensive care today and still has a long road of recovery ahead and maybe another surgery.
My mother-in-law fell in a parking lot three weeks ago and has gone downhill quickly since the fall. She is at my sister-in-law's home where Darlene and her wonderful husband, Gale are caring for her with the help of the wonderful hospice people. My mother-in-law had a good day today, was cognizant and took care of some of her own needs including dressing and feeding herself. Hopefully this is good news but just may be a one day thing. Only time will tell.

I finally finished my quilt top for the "Quilt for our Heroes" contest at Ben Franklin. I took the quilt in today and it will hang in the store for a month then it will be quilted and donated to a wounded soldier at Madigan Army Hospital. I did one last year too. I've decided that I will piece one quilt a year for this at least.
I am somewhat happy with the quilt. It has the required red, white and blue but I don't think I got the color value in the right order so the 3D doesn't show up the way that I'd hoped. I used a Kaye Wood wall hanging pattern and just kept going until it was a quilt...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Beginning

This new blog is to chronicle my little creations.
I enjoy making cloth art dolls. I also make a few quilts a year and enjoy weaving baskets especially out of the willow and red twig dogwood growing on our property.