The Little House

The Little House

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Hoffman Challenge Doll

I finished my doll for the Hoffman Challenge today. I brought her stuffed body parts to St. George with me. We enjoyed Michael's family reunion over the weekend but as soon as it turned midnight Sunday I started working on the doll. Mom came down and visited with me while I sewed on Monday and Mike hiked down to the Indian writing with Dani, Travas and family Tuesday while I sewed. I finally finished her and took her to the UPS store this afternoon to send her to Colorado.It was too late to send her today (the deadline is earlier here) and they wanted $91 to overnight her so I just paid for regular shipping and hopefully they will still accept her if she gets there too late.
She is Lady Lana a woman from Venus. I made her in memory of my cousin Lana who died last year. The doll is blue and I made her hair from Sulky thread which didn't turn out the way I'd hoped so I added braids which I do like. I didn't realize that I didn't get good pictures of her until after I'd mailed her so this is what I have.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer is finally here!!

Last Sunday the temperature didn't even get up to 60 degrees and then yesterday it was over 90. The weather up here in the Northwest always keeps us on our toes. It usually does stay below 80 in the summer so very few homes have any kind of cooling system. We have a few window air conditioners that have been helpful through the years.
We put the window air conditioner in the living room last night. The hydrangeas had grown so tall during the last year that we had to do some pruning to make room for it. So now I have a pretty bouquet on the table. We moved the birds in front of the fireplace, they'll miss the window but it's better than the stair landing where they had been living. And they'll be cooler too.
Hydrangeas are mostly blue up here because of the acid soil. The ones in the alkaline soils of my hometown are all pink. We bought a pink one to plant up here once, the first year it was purple and since then it has been blue too. The ones I trimmed are supposed to be blue they are Nikko Blue Hydrangeas and are one of my favorite flowers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm almost finished with my doll for Comic Con-San Diego. I need to print a few pictures and tie down more of the props then she will be put in a box and begin her trip to San Diego.