The Little House

The Little House

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hoffman Challenge doll 2015 - Elf Star Taegg

This year's Hoffman Challenge doll is most likely also my last. Hoffman has discontinued the cloth doll part of their yearly challenge and have added Home Decor. So unless they change their minds this is my last entry and he did make the traveling team!!

This is Elf Star Taegg:

He does have a story:
My doll is Elf Star - Taegg. He is an idol in the Elf World. All he really wanted was to be was a minstrel like his father and grandfather before him. But the Elf public love and adore him - he shouldn't have put up the videos on YouTube. He is now famous and followed by fans and the Elf paparazzi everywhere he goes- who knew they had these problems in their world also! His fans like to emulate Taegg by wearing green contact lenses and Hoffman capes lined in gold lamé are now all the rage...
I made his guitar you can see it at the bottom of this image:

Taegg is now traveling throughout the US for a year so we won't see him again until September 2016.

I really like him the pictures don't do him justice..