The Little House

The Little House

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Evergreen State Fair

This year's Evergreen State Fair went well. I thought I wouldn't have as many entries in the Food Preservation category because I hadn't done as much canning because I am serving a Family History mission for my church (LDS/Mormon) which takes a lot of time. But I was wrong...

All of my entries in the Baking Department did well:

I didn't make a new doll this year for the fair but entered my mermaid doll in a fish bowl with a story:

This is Arianna...I'm sure you've always thought it would be fun to have your own mermaid - especially a green mermaid like Arianna. But it isn't actually as fun as you might think. She doesn't seem pleased with anything we do for her. She has a lovely aquarium at home (this is her travel fish bowl) and we've filled it with seashells from the Atlantic to remind her of her home. And we even buy expensive frozen Mermaid food for her. She does sing for us but all of the songs are sad songs about lost love and faraway places. Lately she's been moping more than ever and she never even braids her hair anymore...

This year's theme was Animal Magnetism so I added some large farm animals that I ordered from to my dragon doll.

I took an online class through Doll Street Dreamers taught by Dawn M Schiller. This Pocket Fae is my first attempt to sculpt anything.

We entered photos, scarecrows, produce, and more:

And my name is engraved on the Pearl Hall trophy from last year:

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